Thursday, January 10, 2013


美國資深教育顧問 Fiske 先生教人入名牌大學,但他的最後忠告是:

"Contrary to what many people would have you believe, deciding which college to attend is not the most important decision you will ever make. Not even close. Though it makes sense to choose a college carefully, the really important stuff goes on after you enroll.

Abraham Lincoln was once riding through New Jersey on a train that passed by Rutgers College. He looked out the window and remarked. “One of my greatest regrets of my life is that I did noaat receive a college education.” The real value of college lies in what it does for you as a person – in expanding your horizons, challenging your beliefs, honing your skills, and exposing you to the broadest possible cross section of people and ideas.

Today’s world is competitive, and many high school students seem to believe that only students from certain “name” colleges will be successful. The fact is, there are plenty of students who didn’t go to Prestige U. – for whatever reason – who will rise just as high and reach just as far as any who did. When the story of your lifetime is told, the name of your college will be little more than a footnote. Success will come because of who you are, not what college you attended."

“The Fiske Guide To Getting Into the Right College” P.207-208

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