Friday, June 09, 2006

The Root of Education…

In the English language, the etymological root of the word education is the Latin term e-ducere which means to “draw out the potential of an individual.” I find this an immensely helpful way to think of education. It reminds us that the potential for knowledge and success already lies within us, and it is up to everyone involved in the education process to realize this potential. To draw out the potential of each student is jointly the responsibility of not only the teacher, but also the student. However, the responsibility does not end there. It is also the responsibility of the parent. Not only must parents help their children by sending them to the school most likely to draw out the potential still dormant within the child, they also play an important direct role of education. Education does not happen solely within the confines of the classroom. The work habits and values that students learn at home, the so called “informal aspects of education” play a major determining role in a child’s success in life.

But the responsibility does not even end here! As a society, we are responsible for leading each of our members to achieve his or her potential as a fellow contributor to our community. An investment in education is an investment in the future of Hong Kong. It is our responsibility, therefore, not only to support education, but to be responsible role models for the next generation. After all, the potential for success that lies in the youth of Hong Kong is the single greatest natural resource that we have. What a shame it would be to let the resource go to waste. So, I invite everyone to consider, what can you do, be it as a teacher, student, parent or as a member of society, to help Hong Kong draw out the potential of its students, and thereby, itself.

Thomas Leenders

Friday, May 19, 2006





Thursday, April 13, 2006






當然如果你一早便看中,例如美國的Phillips Exeter 這樣的精英中學,英國的Tonbridge,孩子在中一、二年級之後便要到海外升學了。




Tuesday, March 28, 2006




4月1日哈佛大學的亞洲交流團將會到思亞升學中心與香港中學生會面和交流,並且願意公開他們成功申請入哈佛的個人經驗,歡迎所有中學同學上思亞升學的網站 登記。大家一起輕鬆隨和自由地與精英中的精英的同學們暢談讀書求學和申請哈佛的經驗。

Friday, February 17, 2006

Educating the Poor

On the last day of January, and the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year, CJR joined a four-day march from Zhu Hai to Guangzhou.

The March was organized by Sowers Action to raise money for schools in remote areas of China where funds are scarce and education is limited. About 280 people walked in tandem, united by the determination to help provide education for needy children.

We walked on average nearly thirty kilometres a day. Much of the walking was done along the highway, in one big group in matching shirts and coats, with a bus behind us to cut off that lane of traffic and for people who were hurt or exhausted to get on.

Along the way, we saw lovely sights, such as local farmers in the fields, picking mouth- watering baby tomatoes and strawberries. They smiled and waved encouragingly. We walked over bridges, past some tributaries of the Pearl River. When we were walking through cities, people still stared, though perhaps with more than a trace of irritation at the traffic disruptions caused by an enormous crowd crossing the street like a herd of human cattle.

Supper times after the day of walking were joyous occasions of camaraderie. We relished our feelings of accomplishment and we sated well-earned appetites. We established bonds of friendship and gave each other hearty words of encouragement.

On the final day, when we finally arrived Guangzhou, it was a great feeling. Guangzhou is a beautiful historic city, and is in much more open and spacious than Hong Kong. There was a big long ceremony to celebrate our arrival, with news media and important people galore.

We at CJR feel very strongly about the importance of education and helping everyone we can to reach their maximal potential. Here in Hong Kong and in my own country, Canada, we are very blessed with many opportunities for education. I encourage everyone to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them, and also to help to create opportunities for those who have few in life. Hong Kong Gai Yao, strike again!

Thomas Leenders
CJR Education Consultant

Friday, January 13, 2006

升學新出路 – 中國




1. 中國加入世界貿易組織後,經濟環境將逐漸變得開放,發展潛力大增,將會為香港青年人提供不少發展空間。

2. 除了英文外,普通話亦漸漸成為必學語言之一。回國內讀書及就業,正是學習普通話的大好機會。

3. 隨著CEPA 的實施,內地和香港正加緊人才互輸,提早適應國內的社會環境。