Thursday, December 09, 2010

Transfer 三步驟: 社區學院二年級生請預備

If you are ready for transfer, do the following:

1) meet with an academic advisor and discuss universities you may wish to apply to as it relates to your academic major; they will ask you to narrow your choices to maybe 5-10 schools and then you have to get more focused on your goal universities;

2) talk to ISA staff and get some experience in a club or organization, such as our International Student Ambassadors, or something extracurricular, to make your application to the top universities more attractive;

3) do research about your transfer universities and be aware of their international student applications due dates.

Please understand that a community college is not limiting anything about the students success and will support and help the students to reach their academic and personal goals. The student must come in and use the resources to get the benefits of transfer assistance. As we all know, the top universities are often expensive but they are the most competitive and do not usually guarantee admission to anyone. Students must still apply and be accepted into their program of study. We can help the student as long as he comes in and talks to us - the International Student Affairs Office.

(Diane Viverito - Moraine Valley Community College)

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